Replacing, Relining Or Bathtub Refinishing

By Gregory Baker

When you think your bath tub is no longer something you want to see in your bathroom, you have several options. You can have it replaced, do some relining or choose bathtub refinishing instead. The first option is the most expensive one, considering all hidden costs of plumbers, contractors and so on. Relining can be more affordable, if you don't choose acrylic tub, but the last solution is still the best one.

In this case, all you have to do is to find a good, respectable service and let them take care of all necessary works. Everything will be done on-site, and there will be no additional costs to surprise you in the end. Of course, the price may vary, depending on your bathtub's condition, but this will be arranged between you and your contractor.

The whole process is quite simple. First, the tub has to be cleaned to remove all caulking. All surrounded area, including tiles, cabinets and mirrors, should be protected to minimize the mess, especially over spraying. All fixtures are removed before starting the job. Ventilation is set on. Your bath tub is then sanded, or sometimes etched with acid, to allow better adherence of the coating.

After this initial sanding, the technician will inspect your tub for minor imperfections and damages, and remove or repair all of them. After that, another sanding is needed. The first few layers of spray-paint will serve as a primer. Everything should be dry before spraying on additional maybe four thin layers of paint. Sometimes, another layer is applied after a day or two, but most contractors don't do it.

Re-glazing costs are much lower than complete costs of replacing your bath tub. If you would like to find even more affordable solution, you could try to do it yourself. It could cut-out your costs in half, but you need to be aware of the fact you won't get the same quality. And for that, there are several very good reasons.

Without professional equipment, some things will be difficult to do, for example sanding. Applying paint with rollers or brushes would be much easier on smooth, flat surfaces, but when it comes to tub, things get much more complicated. You simply cannot apply it equally on all parts, and your results won't be so good without a good spray-painting machine.

Even the smallest damages have to be professionally repaired, using appropriate tools and materials. Tub sanding also has to be done professionally, and it is really difficult to do using a sand paper. You will have to buy protecting sheets, cleaning solution, sealant, brush and roller, paint and some other things, and total costs will probably be much higher than your think.

Even if you decide to do it anyway, the fact is that resulting coating probably won't last very long. When you consider all the costs involved, it might be even more expensive. All in all, it is probably better to hire one experienced service and let them do the job. Your bathroom will look as new in no time at all.

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